Contacts 2014-2015

Northwest Ohio Nurses’ Association (NONA)
PO Box 350877
Toledo, OH 43635-0877

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President: President: David Yost

President-elect: To be determined

Secretary: Andra Bell

Treasurer: Dawn Wetmore


Ruth Ankele (2013-2015 1st)

Andra Bell (2013-2015 1st)

*Rhonda Clayton (2014-2015)

Patricia Hoover (2014-2016 1st)

Jessica Miller (2014-2016 1st)

Gail Odneal (2014-2016 1st)

Gigi Prystash (2013-2015 1st)

Jane Schetter (2013-2015 1st)

Susan Parsons Stoner (2014-2016 1st)

Dawn Wetmore (2013-2015 1st)

David Yost (2013-2015 1st)


Nominating Committee

Megan Raffel (2013-2015 1st)

Shannon Duerk to fill unexpired vacancy (2014-2015)

Carol A. Abbey (2014-2016 1st)

Kristi Reuille (2014-2016 1st)


Immediate Past President: Molly Scott

Office Consultant: Bernie Butler

Contact President: David Yost

Newsletter Editor:

Board of Directors Meetings (usually, 1st Mondays, 6:30-8 pm)

Open to All Members

Call or e-mail president Dave Yost to confirm board meeting dates and locations and to make suggestions,  express concerns, etc.




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